3 problems that the Ukulele beginners face and the way to overcome them

It is tons of excitement to play ukulele, but at the same time it accompanies with several challenges also. The experts often shares 3 difficult situations that the beginners frequently face.

For the enthusiastic starter, the shiny new instrument is a greatest thing. But after a few days you will feel that you need to go deeper to find out the solution of the problems. The difficulties are not easy any way, rather they are toughest. Let’s look at them.

Keeping the beat

Problem ONE:

Recognizing and mastering the structures of rhythm is common to all instruments. The Ukulele beginners also are not exceptions. Initially, it seems easy to perform all the three notes: Quarter, Half and Whole. Most of the teachers teach the students the procedure of counting of beats. But, many of the students are prone to forget them. Fingering, strumming, and notation would cloud your mind and give rise to rhythmic amnesia.


There are several solutions that can be used in combination or alone to stay on beat. These can be enumerated as:

  • Using a metronome for efficient practice
  • Isolating the rhythmic elements in a song and repeat those till you are habituated to feel the rhythm of music.
  • Finding a song which are rhythmically enjoyable to motivate the learner and maintain a beat.

Ukulele beginners

Problem TWO:

Any instrument has its individual inherent difficulty.  The attainment of harmony between the instrument and the hand is a great problem when it comes to playing Ukulele. From time to time, the strings would not vibrate as aimed for wrong finger pressure.


The problem can be fixed by filing the fingernails. In order to give your fingers right angle, keep thumb at the rear side of the fret board for better touch with the strings. It results in better control of the pressure. Apart from finding out better finger motion, the most fruitful solution is to practice scale evenly, slowly and daily.

Problem THREE:

A lot of ukulele learnerstry to locatetechnique fixes magically when almost all the answers areset up in their own way. The key ingredients to the learning are the creative process, but the artistic mind is often held back by fear. It is like fear of hitting the wrong notation. It slows down the learning process mentally.


In course of time, the students learn to focus on pause and break. It is the most ineffectivepsychological habits in the kicking off the performance to generate emotionalcloudiness. But mental clarity is developed by maintaining the focus either on the fret board or on the printed music. The control of the eye leads to clarity, and it leads to higher technical habits in course of your playing the ukulele.

Above all else, think of adoring the process of learning process based on positive approach of problem-solving attitude that will guide the students at any level to overcome the problems. Every problem has its solution, if it is a problem at all.

Find an efficient Teacher

After you solve all the problems, finding a perfect teacher is an important step to learning a Ukulele or you can visit UkeleleBuzz for perfect solution. In your journey to finding out the right teacher, compare numerous teachers in the light of what you need, including their background, age and experiences.

Once you find out the teacher as your choice, fix the schedule according to their available time. Your nominated teacher will greet you with a custom-made curriculum for meeting the specified goals.

No matter where you are, you can learn it online, or live at your home. Remember, students need a good teacher to learn for fulfillment, contentment and harmony.